The Weighing of the Heart

The followers of the god Anubis are also the ones who opposed and eventually thwarted Pharaoh Ankhenaten's and Khor-Aten's introduction of Monotheism in ancient Egypt  (See the Symbol of Life book By Daskalos)   Also it was to discredit the worship of Ankhenaten's one God, Aten, calling It evil that produced the word Satan.   In ancient Egyptian, "Sa" meant Truth and "Aten" was the Absolute - God) thus Sa-Aten originally meant the Truth of God.  But it the followers of Anubis so ruined the reputation of Aten and re-wrote history that the Sa Aten became known as Satan - [the evil one]. 

Much later in the  Hebrew works satan was written as ha-satan, "the satan".  At this time satan referred to the title of a member of the divine court who served God by traveling the earth spying on human beings.  Then even later in Hebrew and Christian dualistic doctrines the word Satan became a proper name and the adversary of man and God as we think of it today.


However, this whole Hades story was really borrowed from a earlier rendition in Ancient Egypt.  It is the same story but with the Egyptian Gods of Osiris, and Anubus instead of Hades and Hermes.   

In this original story which goes back to the earliest times in Egypt  we see Anubus, a god of judging the dead and presenting the recently departed to Osiris.  Osiris is the god of the underworld, god of the dead and of the resurrection into eternal life.  

Egyptians believed that all our good and evil deeds in life were recorded in our heart.  So after death, the heart of the departed was weighed on a scales of balance against a feather - the feather of Maat (Truth - Law - Justice).  This is where we get our concept of laws, judgment as well as the symbol of the Scales of Justice  used in law courts today. 

If the deceased's  heart weighed less than the feather of Truth then they got to enjoy the paradise in the underworld with Osiris.  However also attending the "Weighing of the Heart" ceremony in the Judgment Hall was Ammut.   Ammut was  the "Devouress of the Dead", a fearful looking demonic goddess with the head of a crocodile and the upper body of a lioness and the lower body of a hippopotamus.  If the deceased's heart weighted more that the feather of Truth then Ammut immediately devoured them. This meant that the departed lost all existence, the most horrible fate  for an Egyptian.


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