El elefante y la Pluma

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El Elefante y la Pluma

Suppose that an elephant and a feather are dropped off a very tall building from the same height at the same time. Suppose also that air resistance could be eliminated such that neither the elephant nor the feather would experience any air drag during the course of their fall. Which object - the elephant or the feather - will hit the ground first? The animation at the right accurately depicts this situation. The motion of the elephant and the feather in the absence of air resistance is shown. Further, the acceleration of each object is represented by a vector arrow.
Many people are surprised by the fact that in the absence of air resistance, the elephant and the feather strike the ground at the same time. Why is this so? This question is the source of much confusion (as well as a variety of misconceptions). Test your understanding by making an effort to identify the following statements as being either true or false.

How Much did the Samples Weigh?

How Much did the Samples Weigh?

A chemistry professor asked his graduate student to find the weights of five different samples of an unknown material.

The student weighed each possible pair of samples, and recorded the weight of each pair as 120, 110, 117, 112, 115, 113, 114, 121, 116, and 118 grams.  When he tried to figure out the five individual weights, he realized that he had neglected to record which samples made up each pair.

The professor said that he could figure out the five weights from the data the student had already collected.

How much did the samples weigh?

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Cuantos patos pesa el gato?

Cuantos patos pesa el gato?


How many Weighings for N coins?

How Many Weighings for N Coins?

Mike Boughton wrote the original puzzle:

> There is an old one called the 12 penny problem:  You have 12 coins, all
> apparently alike, but one is either heavier or lighter.  Your job is to

> find which and which one in 3 weighings on a balance using only the coins

> themselves.


> This version does not require any math.  Somehwere I saw a response that

> does. Not only did it contain the solution for 12, which takes a few

> minutes to figure out, but the general solution of how many weighings it

> takes for n coins.

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Facil 1

(Señale la balanza B.) ¿Que hay en la balanza B? (una esfera) ¿Cuánto pesa? (seis libras)
(Señale la balanza A.) ¿Que hay en la balanza A? (un cubo y una esfera) ¿Cuánto pesan los objetos a la vez? (nueve libras)
Calcule el peso del cubo. ¿Cómo lo hiciste? (La esfera es de 6 libras, así que el cubo pesa 9 -. 6, o tres, libra)

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